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The following is a repost from Roc360’s blog, authored by CEO and cofounder, Arvind Raghunathan. Originally an accomplished professor of computer science with published, influential research papers; Arvind established one of the top prop trading teams on Wall Street, generating substantial profit for Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank.

This post summarizes and contextualizes research from around the residential real estate industry, covering supply and demand, construction and materials, general trends and specifics in the Single Family Rental segment of residential real estate. Sources are cited so that you can dig deeper into any given topic, but this post is designed as a five minute read.

Residential Real Estate Construction
Some Supply Estimates (Based on Citi Research)
The Demand
The Indicators
Single Family Rentals (SFR)
Construction Materials

All indicators of supply and demand show a bullish picture for homebuilding, home rehab and renting (SFR) and selling activities. There are secular trends that support this view, trends likely to last for several years. This should support prices of not only residences, but also infrastructure activities and construction materials, especially “heavy” materials used in large projects.


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