Haus Lending Named to MReport’s Inaugural Top 25 Fintech Innovators List

Haus Lending Named to MReport's Inaugural Top 25 Fintech Innovators List
Score a victory for disruption in the intersectional space where fintech and the mortgage industry meet: we’re excited to share that Haus Lending has just been recognized as an organization “poised to shape the mortgage industry in 2020 and beyond” by MReport’s Top 25 Fintech Innovators list.

This accolade not only marks Haus Lending as an innovator in the real estate lending industry, it also demonstrates the transformative nature of new technologies and processes that are designed to more efficiently connect qualified investor leads with private lenders.

“What is truly transformative is Haus Lending’s ability to unite lenders and borrowers, two interdependent groups who often struggle to find one another. Haus Lending provides a powerful platform for private lenders, but also creates a seamless experience for borrowers, instantly connecting them with available capital.” – MReport Magazine, March 2020
Eric Abramovich, Chief Credit Officer and Co-Founder, celebrated being recognized and praised the hard work of the Roc360/Haus Lending team: “We’re honored to be recognized by MReport Magazine as a fintech innovator and a company-to-watch in the lending industry. Many platforms at this stage in their development are still looking to demonstrate proof-of-concept, but it’s evident we’ve matured well past that phase in our journey. This award represents the integration of our highly skilled team, our vision for implementing disruptive solutions into the real estate lending space, and our continued investment in revolutionary technologies and processes that aim to transform the lender-investor relationship.”

2020 marks the inaugural Top 25 Fintech Innovators list. MReport’s methodology included soliciting submissions from mortgage companies working in all sectors, from lenders and servicers to title companies and property preservation experts.

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While this award validated and recognized the relevance of our vision and our commitment to our community of users, we will continue to work on new innovations to help empower investors and lenders. Haus Lending is institutional in scale, yet retains the capability to create a personalized, boutique experience, and our 5 core values – Personalization, Responsibility, Expertise, Speed and Service (P.R.E.S.S.) – are built around perfecting the customer experience.
Haus Lending is an ideal partner for multifamily, rental and other loan products. If you are looking for a solution that deploys data science as an efficiency multiplier to overcome the supply-demand mismatch in housing, connect with the Haus Lending team at to get started today.

Top 25 Fintech Innovators List

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