All lenders are not the same

Haus Lending is different. We specialize in lending to real estate investors just like you, creating a fast, customized lending experience. At Haus Lending, we focus on:

As an entrepreneur and real estate investor, you understand the power of specialization. You wouldn’t hire a plumber for an electrical project, nor would you trust just any lender to help fund your investment.


streamlined approvals and fast closing means you’re ready to start sooner


a curated plan, with simple terms and options up to 18 months


you’ll partner with one of our specialists (below) from start to finish

…and, for or a limited time, we’re offering ZERO POINTS at close!

Free $100 Home Depot Gift Card plus Preferred Pricing!

Apply today and receive a free $100 Home Depot Gift Card at closing. Also, you’ll receive Preferred Pricing from Home Depot, which helps you save more on the things you buy the most.

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