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Haus lending gets it. They know how to talk to pros – they will quickly work through the best funding scenario and get you the best available deal – interest charged as funds are disbursed, no ”as is” appraisal requirements. They understand that time is money, and I move fast.
– Craig Thompson, Boise, ID
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I moved to Oregon five years ago after selling part of a company in Silicon Valley. When I was looking for my own home, I saw so many houses that needed just a little bit of work, but I didn’t want to buy and go right into a remodel. After I bought the home I live in now, I thought about all of the Californians like me moving to Portland’s booming tech scene, so I started buying and fixing rentals through an LLC. At first, I was losing out on homes because the local market is really competitive and I couldn’t move fast enough. I needed a group that could close quickly and handle all the financing along the way from bridge to refi to 30 year term and also save me critical time and headaches with appraisals and insurance — Haus Lending helped me close quickly and get deals done without worrying about whether they could fund my project, or if I could line up an appraisal, or if I had the right insurance.”
– Matt Oliver, Beaverton OR
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When you’re in a hot real estate market, like Phoenix, the real opportunity is usually outside of the standard box. My family has been in this valley for decades, so we know what’s what, and we can suss out the deals with true upside. I use Haus Lending for all of my real estate investment properties because they’re the most flexible on rates and terms, period. AND I can work with them on everything from new construction to mixed-use to multifamily. Closing speed is a huge plus for me – Haus moves quickly and they’re responsive. I feel like I have a partner rather than a broker, and that makes all the difference.”
– Robert Gardner, Phoenix AZ
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Haus Lending can lend in almost every state. I’ve been buying up property everywhere west of the Rockies, and they’ve done right by me on dozens of deals. Last year, when the deal flow slowed down a bit out west, I was still able to use Haus to expand throughout the Sun Belt — Florida, the Carolinas, etc. I thought I might have to work with a different regional capital provider, but when I checked with my guy at Haus, sure enough they were able to work with me in the Sun Belt at the same speed, rates and terms as in Arizona and Texas. Other outfits might be able to come close on terms and rates, but when an appraisal takes too long, or the construction insurance guy is too busy fishing to call you back, that hassle makes you want to pull your hair out. I don’t have those problems anymore because I work with Haus Lending. That’s why I’m with them — a one stop shop with consistency, reliability, people who actually respond and good pricing. Tough to beat.”
– Chris Siconolfi, Frisco, TX
Quotation Marks - Haus Lending
I was new to Fix & Flip financing, but I’d been a contractor for 15 years in the greater Seattle area. Haus Lending saw that I had a real understanding of the local markets, and they valued my experience despite never having purchased a home specifically for Fix & Flip. Not only did Haus work with me and my investors, they made the whole closing process easy and fast — particularly with the appraisals, which, I know from experience on the contractor side, is usually really painful. I flipped my first house as an investor, and now I’m looking to invest more. Thank you Haus Lending.”
– Benjamin Hohmann, Snohomish WA
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